Are you looking to set up an online business?

A well-planned ecommerce strategy can get you more of that elusive market share that you wish to gain. In order to generate more sales from your platform, a mix of intelligent tactics and tools is required, which leads you to optimize the way your platform works and how it can be improved to reach your desired numbers.


If you’re a small business clinching many a deal, you’d already know how well-structured websites are a crucial part of the process. Not only does a well-designed site help the business get paid, but also creates an aura of professionalism that helps you build long-term brand value.


Setting up an online business requires an efficient website that is attractive, easy to navigate, and is well-structured. If your website is all over the place and the products are not aligned properly, the ambiguity of the entire structure will drive users away from your page. Your customer should be able to reach your product in an easy and fast way and provide them filters so they can sort it out themselves, what they’re looking for. All these options must be available on your website.



But, when you’re starting from scratch, it all can be a little overwhelming.


Don’t know where to start? Let us help!

Our company is a specialist Digital Marketing Agency in Toronto that intends on being the best source of conversation between you and your potential customer.

We can provide impressive solutions to your start-up challenges, including Website Development. We are a team of experienced ecommerce website development experts that will cater to all your website development needs.

At TWC, our team of expert website designers and developers are at your service whenever you need it.
We offer our esteemed customers a variety of ecommerce designs that they can easily pick and choose from. We are an ecommerce development Toronto company that makes sure that our packages are both budget and customer-friendly.

You can choose a custom design based on the needs of your ecommerce website, and we will take it from there. At TWC, our expert web designers and ecom consultants will help you in developing the Ecommerce store you need!


Designing an Effective E-commerce website – What to keep in mind?


1. User-friendly-ness

Websites having a simple layout and straightforward options are so much easier to use. Use breadcrumb navigation, search bars, drop-down menus, call-to-action buttons clearly visual to make the user experience hassle-free.


2. Brand-Recognition

Brand recognition of your website needs to be consistent. Make sure the colors, logo, and the unique design that you specify throughout the web-pages of your website, matches one another and follows a similar theme. The user should be able to recognize your website, product, or service by just a small element from your theme.


3. CTA

A strong call to action buttons can readily make a big difference to the website as they direct the users to specific actions, raise conversion rates, and ultimately help to achieve the desired goals of a website.


Ecommerce Platforms to choose from:

WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento are the three main biggest ecommerce platforms that offer almost all the functionality needed for any ecommerce business. They contain useful features that websites must have in order to gain traffic and enhance user experience. This platform provides free already made themes and templates, and the users are able to tailor it to their needs and business requirements.



WooCommerce is popular for being the simplest plugin that can enhance the functionality of the ecommerce store of small or large merchants using WordPress. Possessing incredible features, WooCommerce can be the perfect bet for all online business owners. It allows you to sell anything, providing a fully functional ecommerce store. Woocommerce also provides various extensions to cater to many essential requirements. It also lets you track the sales, reviews, and stock levels other than the general performance of your webstore.



Shopify is an ecommerce platform packed with tons of features for online stores. One of the best things about this platform is that it doesn’t require any coding to begin with, and anyone can use it to start their business. The platform provides free already made themes and templates, and the user is able to tailor it to his needs and business requirements. It is user-friendly and even provides on-site coding with HTML/CSS for advanced customization. Furthermore, Shopify extends the experience by providing various important tools that can help your e-store to flourish and maintain smooth and satisfying user accessibility.



Being an open-source, feature-rich platform for E-commerce, Magento is written in PHP to develop dynamic, modern, and web-applications. It is extremely powerful and can handle complex websites. It empowers various brands by providing multiple flexible and contemporary solutions to grow and innovate. Magento Development is cost-effective, requiring very minimum running costs. It is incredibly user-friendly, providing easy to customize options. To add, this framework is SEO-friendly, incorporating Google Analytics and determining web traffic and customer behavior.


Our experience, your advantage!

Our team of web experts and consultants can also help you in integrating your online store with any third-party applications or platforms for any functionality you need. Our expert ecom consultants will also guide you on other necessary apps and functions to manage your live inventory.

We will act as your partner, and we believe in working in a coherent manner. To boost your business, we provide result-driven strategies while personalizing your requirements.

Website Design Process – How it works?
The website design process takes a lot of time and consideration of various aspects. To make a website’s design tailored to your likings and business idea, intuitive and strong, it takes extensive research and a boardroom of people to get started on the project. To simplify this complicated procedure, here’s a list of common stages it takes for a website to finally build.

1. Gathering Information:
Gathering information is the trackway to making a successful website. It involves identifying and outlining the background and goals of an organization, their target audience, what message they want to deliver to them, and a thorough inspection of the competitor.

2. Planning
In the planning stage, all the information gathered is combined to create wireframes and site architecture. Wireframes show in detail the content that will appear on each page, while the site map provides a list of all the key aspects that your website will contain.

3. Creative Design
The design stage gives a little glimpse of what the actual site would look like.

All the information sorted in the planning stage is given a proper structure by giving it a visual aspect. Prototypes of your websites are created to have a clearer picture of the layout that your website will achieve. The designing stage is important as there’s a chance to suggest changes and tweak the layout as per your likes and dislikes.

4. Coding and Development
This is where the coding begins to give a more visual shape and support to the website. The graphics decided in the design stage are given necessary codes to convert them into functional web pages. This means that codes are written in HTML or CSS according to the updated web standards. Then, the content is added, which was assembled in the first two stages.

5. Testing and Launching (Quality Assurance)
Before the final launch of the site, testing is conducted to check the functionality of the website. Testing is done to ensure that the quality of the features and the user experience would be as smooth as possible after the launch. The site is tested on various browsers, and if any broken links, spelling mistakes, or any other visual disorientation are found, it can be immediately fixed. After all final fixes, the website is launched for public use.

6. Post Launch.
Keeping a constant check on the website is essential—post launch phase where you collect customer feedback. The website needs to be updated from time to time to bring in a fresh vibe even to your regular visitors. Website maintenance and keeping it up-to-date with engaging content and exciting visuals is part of the post-launch.


Essential Website features your e-commerce site must have!

1. User-friendly Navigation:

It is mandatory for every web page of your website. A clear navigation bar raises the UX of your website.

2. Wishlist:

Wishlist lets the customer save the item that they want to be able to purchase later.

3. Shopping cart:

An obvious and constitutive part of any e-commerce website. It should be visually available to the user at all times.

4. Risk Reducers:

Risk reducers are essential when it comes to attracting your customers. Free shipping and return orders are a few of the risk reducers you can add to your website.

5. Loyalty Program:

Offer reward points and special offers for your regular customers.

6. Product Details:

Product features and what it offers should be mentioned in detail, so the customer is fully aware of what is being bought.

7. Contact:

Make customer engagement as strong as possible by providing details of how and where they can reach you.

8. Payment Options:

The customer should be able to have multiple payment options provided for convenience.

9. Social Media Links:

It improves better connection and engagement between you and your customer.

10.  Breadcrumb navigation:

Allows users to browse through categories of the product more easily.

11. Shipping Options:

Having multiple shipping options is highly convenient. Customers should be able to have different shipping addresses as it opens the option of sending gifts.

Furthermore, there should be at least one low-costing shipping method.

Looking to gain more traffic on your site?


Here are some useful features that websites must have in order to gain traffic and enhance user experience.

• Mobile-version:

Smartphones and Tablets are more on-the-go devices; users should be able to get a view of your website from their smartphones as well.


• Business Information:

A hint of the business’s goals and background about your business is crucial for new customers. It can be a short paragraph showcasing who you are and who you’re offering.


• Contact Information:

One of the most essential and basic elements to make customer communication easy. Your customer should easily be able to reach you.


• FAQ section:

The FAQ section is important as it highlights little details and common questions and solutions regarding your website, eliminating the need for your customer to formally reach you.


• An informative Blog:

Your website’s blog is where you can share in detail about your business and gives more of an insight into what goes behind the scene. Blogs are important for user satisfaction, and they play a big part in your branding.


• Social Media Integration:

Needless to say, presence on social media is vital in today’s era for not only promotion but simply for customer engagement. Your website should mention your social media handles and users to should be able to reach you easily.


• Subscription Invitation:

To keep a user informed about weekly updates through email, a subscription invitation is an essential pathway.


• Reader Engagements:

It is absolutely necessary that the user is capable of commenting, rating, and sharing your associated blog or website information.


• Testimonials:

Testimonials and reviews are extremely important for gaining potential customers.


• Videos:

Short, informative videos are a great way of getting user’s attention and keeping them informed about your business.


Why Choose Us? / Why we’re better! / What makes us special?

Designing a website can be a long, difficult process. While choosing the right solution, make sure that it has a simple interface to manage and operate and provides the most value for investment. You don’t want something too complicated or

technical that it ends up being a fallout.

Try looking for solutions that are specifically tailored to cater to business requirements in general.


When it comes to Website Management, tracking the right metrics at every stage of the user journey will help you identify potential bottlenecks. It’s important to focus on real-time data and use it to optimize and analyze your site’s performance.


To simplify this complex procedure for you, we have experts ready to put two and two together!
Fast and Secure Solutions


Our team of professionals and experts make sure that they help your ecommerce website get a secure and fast running host environment that deals with maximum traffic on your site.


Expert Team
Our SEO Experts and Graphic Designers can also help you to design a beautiful layout that will ensure a more pleasant customer experience.


Guidance & Consultation
Apart from providing you with ecommerce designs for your websites, our consultants will also guide you in choosing the right kind of supplier and fulfillment platform for your ecommerce business.


Time & Cost Optimization
Leave the technicalities for us, while you focus on your business! We make sure to provide competitive rates and take your deadlines very seriously.


Exceptional Customer Service
Our experts are readily available for your support! We make sure that you are kept up-to-date and there’s someone from our team ready to solve any concerns.


100% Client Satisfaction!
We’ve earned the trust of thousands because we always make headway for our customers!


Looking for a boost of growth?
Crafting distinctive in-house solutions, we venture out to give companies the digital spark they need, through creative web development required for their operational excellence.

So, what are you waiting for? Call us now or drop us an E-mail to get expert advice. Remember, consultation is always free!


Bronze package to step into the (online) World full of possibilities! Just buy your domain and we will do the rest.

You'll get:

  • 1 full hour of Consulting and Brainstorming (every month)
  • Shopify/WooCommerce Integration
  • 5 products with SEO Product Descriptions
  • Top Competitor Analysis
  • Graphics/Image Sourcing
  • Logo Designing (Bronze)
  • Select from 2 Theme Options
  • 1 Email and Web Hosting
  • 2 Rounds of Revisions



Package that gets you the new visitors and converts them into your customers!

You'll get:

  • 1 full hour of Consulting and Brainstorming
  • 1 Responsive 5-7 pages SEO WordPress/Shopify Website for your business
  • 8 products with SEO Product Descriptions
  • Google My Business Set up
  • Top 2 Competitors Analysis
  • 5-7 pages of SEO Contents with Upload
  • Logo Designing (Silver)
  • Graphics/Image Sourcing
  • Google Maps Set up
  • Email and Web Hosting
  • 2 Rounds of Revisions



One purchase that delivers all you need to unleash the potential of online world!

You'll get:

  • 1 full hour of Consulting and Brainstorming
  • 1 Responsive 5-10 pages SEO WordPress Website for your business with eCommerce functionality
  • Top 3 Competitors Analysis
  • 10 products with SEO Product Descriptions
  • Google My Business Set up
  • 7-10 pages of SEO Contents/Blogs with Upload
  • Complete on-page, off-page and technical SEO
  • Google My Business Set up and Optimization
  • Logo Designing (Silver)
  • Graphics/Image Sourcing
  • Google Maps Set up and Optimization (local SEO)
  • 1 Domain, Email and Web Hosting
  • 1 month of full after sales support
  • 3 Rounds of Revisions for website, logo and other illustrations


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

To be able to develop an ecommerce website, you need to hire professional help. At TWC, we can help you in developing an ecommerce website. You do not need to worry about any technical aspects of developing an ecommerce website. We have a team of experts who have been in the business long enough to look after your individual needs, keeping in mind the niche and target audience of your ecommerce website. If you want to develop an ecommerce website on your own without spending any money or professional help then you require a few skills that are time consuming. Save yourself the trouble and trust us to make things easier for you.

An ecommerce business can be easily managed if you know the right kind of tips and tricks.

Here are a few that experts at TWC swear by:

• Deal with it like an in-store business
You need to take care of your ecommerce business exactly how you would take care of your offline or in-store business. Just because it is an ecommerce business does not mean that you give it any less attention or do not give it the time that a business requires to grow.

• Look for the right kind of web developer
The rule of thumb for running an ecommerce business is to market yourself well and how will you be able to do that? You need to have the right kind of ecommerce web developer. Good for you because at TWC, we have a team full of experts to help you with the task.

• Engage more audience
Your ecommerce business will only flourish if your website is engaging enough for the customers. You also need to make sure that the website is mobile-friendly and provides great customer experience.

Here is the difference between the three big eCommerce development platforms:

Shopify is the most renowned and leading ecommerce platform that has a huge user base. If you have an established ecommerce business then Shopify is a great choice to help you generate more clients and gather maximum crowd on your website.

WooCommerce is not a platform on its own. It is rather a plugin that is used for advanced WordPress options. WooCommerce can easily be called the most convenient ecommerce plugin for new users who do not have advance knowledge of running an ecommerce website.

Magento is not as reliable and powerful ecommerce solution when compared to the other two. But it has a cloud platform as well as an on premise enterprise user solution to make the ecommerce website development process easier for most users.

Here is how you can start an ecommerce business:

• Figure out your niche and target market
• Develop an ecommerce business model (figuring out suppliers, fulfillment providers, warehouse support, etc.)
• Brand yourself well and work on your marketing

The cost of developing and running an ecommerce website really depends on you and the needs of your ecommerce website. At TWC, we have a variety of packages that you can choose for the purpose of web development. We also cater to individual needs. So, we custom make the packages for you. Reach out to us today and let us evaluate whats best for you!