How to Fix Windows Script Host Error during Activation

There are four effective methods provided in this article to help you resolve “Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation”. To avoid reinstalling Windows in case of various SFC errors, you can backup system with AOMEI Backupper. Your last resort to repair most Windows-related errors, including corrupted installation, is to reset your Windows.

The first two options, I Obit’s Driver Booster and Snappy Driver Installer, just go for it. Try running Windows Check Disk from the command line before making changes to any hardware. CHKDSK is a Windows system tool that checks the file system and fixes runtime problems with certain settings. Afterward, right-click on that and choose the ‘Update driver’ option from the drop-down menu. Now, you will be prompted whether you want to search for the latest driver software automatically or want to browse the system for driver software. In worst case, Whea Uncorrectable Error message appears on a blue screen while running Windows 10 could be caused by any number of hardware failures.

For example, a power outage can prevent the registry from saving, or worse, a malware intrusion into the system can take over a computer’s registry. The Windows Registry Editor is a graphical tool in the Microsoft Windows operating system that enables authorized users to view the Windows registry and make changes. Well, the good news is there are multiple free methods to repair corrupt JPEG files.

Solution #3: Check and repair hard drive errors

So, avoid overclocking your system and check if this can solve the problem. If SFC and DISM could not fix the WHEA uncorrectable error Windows 11 or 10, run Chkdsk scan. You can get rid of the situation while performing the System restoration procedure. Thereafter, click on the Uninstall Updates button. Lastly, check if the error still appears on the system or not.

  • You might be able to access the motherboard by opening the computer casing.
  • Disabling Browser Extensions in IEIf the same error is still occurring, move down to the next method below.
  • If you are also struggling with this problem here some effective solutions to apply.

When the Night Light stops working on Windows, you can simply turn off the feature and turn it back on. If this does not help, you can check the Night Light schedule to confirm that you have set the correct time. Keep the firewall of the system running well. Intelligently clean and speed up PC according to your optimization habits and PC performance status.

Method 1. Disable Overclock in BIOS

The vast majority of scripts that are running in IE will not function unless this file is registered. If this scenario is applicable, you should be able to resolve the issue by registering urlmon.dll. However, like many other aspects of Windows 10, the OneDrive app is far from perfect. One of the most common errors found on the OneDrive app is the script error which looks something like the image below. You should periodically delete these cache files. The average user doesn’t actually need to see script errors since they only serve as an annoyance.

PCR7 Binding is not supported in Windows 11/10

So, it’s advisable to leave your computer running overnight to let it finish. But, the next day when you wake up and check PC, if “Repairing disk errors” issue persists, you can move on to try the other means. In the Windows systems, disk drives often face integrity issues. It doesn’t matter whether they are internal drives or external drives. By this site checking the disk drives on a regular basis can help you to remove the risk of the disk errors. In Windows, disk errors are not common, but when they occur, they can lead you to permanent data loss.

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