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If you can’t access your Administration Screens, access your website via FTP and navigate to the /wp-content/themes/ folder. If you can access the Administration Screens try deactivating all of your Plugins and then reactivating them one by one. If you are unable to access your Screens, log in to your website via FTP. Locate the folder wp-content/plugins and rename the Plugin folder plugins_old. You can read more about manually deactivating your plugins in the Troubleshooting FAQ. This page lists the most common WordPress errors experienced by WordPress users, and provides a starting point for fixing them.

Let us know which method worked for you the best. Also, if you have any queries/suggestions regarding this article, then feel free to drop them in the comments section. Thelatest versionofOriginwill be installed as shown. Then, selectOriginand click on theUninstallbutton shown highlighted. Open the application that you were unable to open previously.

How to Access Windows Error Logs in Windows 10

Also, keep a data recovery tool like Recoverit Data Recovery handy. It can be used to recover data from your Windows or Mac in every possible scenario. Even if the system is non-responsive, you can create a bootable media and recover your inaccessible data from it without any trouble.

  • This page is aiming at explaining why boot disk failure happens and 5 solutions to fix this problem on your Windows computer.
  • Remember that if you purchase a paid SSL certificate you will have to proceed to activate it, to do this just follow our step by step tutorial on how to install an SSL certificate.
  • The Windows 10 Critical error is related to the Start menu not working.

Follow the steps outlined below and run the Startup repair tool. If you run into difficulties getting this to work, try adding the/limitaccessswitch to your command strings. This stops DISM from attempting to grab source files from Windows Update, which it will sometimes do even if pointed at a local source. If you just can’t get either of these to work, try aWinSXSfolder instead.

Unix domain socket is not currently supported for this pupose. I would be happy to provide some logs, but I have no idea where to start. The total number of seconds which the program needs to stay running after a startup to consider the start successful . Set to 0 to indicate that the program needn’t stay running for any particular amount of time.

Windows Event Logs — Event Log FAQ

If she shuts down the computer before removing the drive, that eliminates the possibility that delayed writing was incomplete . Your bottom picture shows a blank checkbox for the option to scan and fix bad sectors. Optionally, run chkdsk /r from a command prompt. It will then be scheduled for the next boot. Checked for bad sectors can take several hours depending on size and should not be interrupted once it starts, so plan ahead.

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The basic troubleshooting steps to fix the Windows updates issues for Windows 11 are shared in this document. Most of the update issues are solved by just restarting the Windows 11 PC. Windows 11 upgrade is possible only when your PC meetsminimum hardware requirements. Windows has a CHKDSK utility that helps in fixing the logical file system and bad sectors that download from here are causing disk errors.

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